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Looking for Fiction

Submit your manuscript of no more than 55,000 words at 12 font Times New Roman. Use your word count function, or ask someone how to use it. We will be accepting manuscripts for publication in 2017 & 2018. We would like to see fiction that is more literary than not, and Christian themes are acceptable, but please write in a way that reveals truth in a world not so filled with truth, but do not forget you are in the world, though not of the world. Meaning, write us something that reveals your humanity and your new life, showing you have perhaps been divorced from old ways, but reveal the continuing struggles rather than painting a picture no one can believe in a million years. Only God is good and perfect. The publisher has the right to reject any work not representative of new house standards and desires, and these standards are set by the house.

We do not usually accept memoir, but if it's especially good and could be construed as fiction, meaning partially non-fiction, we may consider, but it must be labeled as such. The author carries the burden of proof for all claims made in a non-fiction part of said manuscript. Send manuscript to Summerfield Publishing, New Plains Press Fiction Entry, PO Box 1946, Auburn, AL 36831-1946. We do not return the MS. 

No simultaneous submissions.