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     Be enchanted by pictures of God's creation - pictures are said to be worth a thousand words, but words can also paint beautiful pictures. In the age of the selfie and driving with the cell phone glued to the ear, take a few moments to breathe. I Suwannee & Poems is a great primer for learning how to slow down and enjoy the little things that are all around us. Calm is not found in worshipping the created, but in offering praise to the Creator through whom we can find true happiness and acceptance in this world of creatures wild where we are the ones alien and disconnected. 

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 As fallible creatures of habit, we tend to consume one another, sometimes unaware, mostly outside humility, and sometimes we even try to destroy everything in our wake for a moment of pleasure that's usually dulled away within the hour, and then we feed again. 

​Yet, in certain shades and ray of light, and in certain of us, usually by choice of the will and faith, redemption can be found. These are things I scratch upon in this book. Order Hunger HERE

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Johnny Summerfield