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"The narrator of this extraordinary novel is a visionary of the kind we find sometimes in Dostoevsky’s fiction—someone for whom existence is a harrowing vision. She (almost certainly she) lives among captives, or sinners, or perhaps they are survivors, or a band of the faithful, or prisoners of a concentration camp, or denizens of a leper colony or lunatic asylum—or, perhaps, she is living here among us. It is not quite clear where or when the personages of Lee Tyler Williams’s superbly imagined novel live and die. But they do so with power, and the narrator of Leechdom records their “unholy minutiae” with exquisite, brilliant, and unnerving compassion. This is one of those breakthrough works that appear rarely and define ages."

-Lyn Hejinian

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​Lee Tyler Williams ​

Lee Tyler Williams' Leechdom won the 2014 Robert Penn Warren Award for Fiction.

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